Namra! The bundle of joy!

Mothers are someone who give birth to you, after having created you in her womb, nose, eyes, legs, hands! And there are people who are your second mothers and second fathers. Who create your ideologies, philosophies, preferences, frameworks, brinks, limits and boundaries in their wombs, who mold you in their hands, from a pulp of exquisite anonymous dough to name and personality, mere movements of fingers or lips.
Aiman is one to me. My guardian angel. My second love of life. Someone who taught m,e living, smiling, and who’d take my hand and guide me always. Of whom I thought I will always stick by, this however, could not happen. She got married and went off with her prince charming to a happily ever after far far away! and then came June 9th, when Humayoun Bhai messaged me about the baby girl Aiman had just given birth to!

 I rushed to see her, I remember acsending the staits, I remember rushing in corridors, I remember turning the handle of he room, hugging aimen and I remember seeing the fragile figure wrapped in blue napkin! Then it all come crashing down. The joy. The Excitement. The intensity of a feeling I cant describe!
I wouldn’t dare hold her in my arms fearng I would break her limb or something but I had looked her, I had savoured the delight of having seen her, I had cried and I had felt her by touching her cheeks with my index finger, and that minute the difference between us ceased to exist, the frail boundary where she ended and I started, blurred. Then, I was all hers. She was all mine!
She was the one child I wanted to see growing up, day by day, second by second, chunk by chunk and bit by bit!
This would never happen. Impossible does exist.
But that wont make my love for her fade away! because she is still the part of someone I so adore, And when you love someone, you just love them. Everything around you turn out to be a relative thing of your loving someone. And you end up listening to your silence with little tears brimming your eyes, reasonless tears. because you’re not sad, you’re not happy, you’re just missing someone you love! and you’re just loving them beyond anything.
May Allah bless you Namra dear! 
May Allah bless you 🙂

18 thoughts on “Namra! The bundle of joy!

  1. ohh…dat ws sooo sweet n soo cute and soo touching…wow! i cud feel d emotions myself…as if i am rushing..openin d door..seeing d lil angel..touching her face… it is indeed so lovely!!
    great thots n emotions put…about love n loved ones…
    shabash asbii 🙂

  2. awwwww….Namra is soooooooo cute!!
    And that was a post full of sweet sugar!!

    I love the nice flowery scent of new born babies. It’s so refreshing and the way they smile at you even when they don’t understand who are you!!
    Mommy says that new born children are the purest form of God!

    take Care 🙂

  3. cute child:)
    I rem wen I saw my niece 4 d 1st time, even I was so very afraid of touching her lest I may not hurt her!!!
    beautiful post Asbah:)

  4. awww! She is so cute! Reminds me of when I saw my baby brother but I wanted to hold him bcas I thought the blanket was too rough 😛

    May God bless the new mother, the new family and of course the baby 😀

  5. the new mother is 2 year old, 😛 I dono why I suddenly wrote this piece, maybe because its so long i have seen her 😦
    may be i am missing her!!

  6. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww….islexxxxxxxxxx…that was one of your best posts…infact one of the best posts i have come across in blogdom…the descriptions…the flow…the emotions…straight from the heart…every word…every letter…heartfelt…read it again and again…thts how beautiful this is…and namra is an angel…love to namra…

  7. Oh!!!!!!!!!! you deleted your blog or something Aamir? its giving me an error 😦

    ‘The Blogger Profile you requested cannot be displayed. Many Blogger users have not yet elected to publicly share their Profile. ‘

    How sadddddd!!! resume it quick, guess what, I shared it with a friend and she loved it, we decided to come back and comment later of your platinum-work, aaaaaaaa!! how sadd!!

  8. Ooopss May be I have done it with a Mistake!! Thanks for reminding!! Now I have corrected it!! 🙂 Comment there and tell me how you find it actually !!Maybe I will start posting more!!

  9. she looks like a doll…how cute

    awww….say my hi to namra

    btw its ste here……love the cute girl

    …. 🙂

  10. Cute piece, Asbah! Here r my wishes to Namra that she grows up real fast and acknowledges your love for her with an equal or overwhelming love of her own. God Bless her! And god bless you! 🙂

  11. Hey Asbah,

    Inshallah…she is so pretty! I wish she grows up real fast…she sees dis post…n d rest is done! This post was so much full of emotions…had tears in my eyes!

    God bless her!



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