On Smiling!

My deepest regret is about my inability to smile. 

I’ve concluded that I am a socially retard person, who only find solace in the cyberspace nebula; in a charming chasm where I can willfully drown myself without a trace, where I don’t have to ‘speak’ in order to have my say, a charismatic charm where life is as simple as moving fingers and typing plastic keys, as flexible as punching away emotions in paragraphs and where smiling is as easy as pressing a colon and parenthesis or typing three letters, L, O and L, together.

 There are other reasons of my loving my virtual self, which relates to friends. I have once justified my net friends by categorizing two types of people you can find in this world: (this is not to generalize friends, just to accentuate the importance of my net friends to me!)


1)      virtual friends in Real world.

2)      Real friends in Virtual world.

 I, without prejudice, deeply adore the second category. The good being it does not restrict me to geographical, racial and gender boundaries, where choice is merely intellect, words and sentences.

 Back to my chronicles of smiling, being an extremist is also an obstacle in finding it easy to curve the lips, and the fact that I have fitted myself in the silhouette of a sad fairy, where everything makes her sad, where the things to be glad on also makes her sad and tears ooze out.

 And generally I find myself packed in the kaleidoscope of their anguish which renders the smiling on anything remotely similar to it, impossible.

And even if, somehow anything too amazing ventures in arena and strike me, I would justify it with amazing saline water, vindicating it being tears of gladness.

Sadly, the smiles have no place in.

11 thoughts on “On Smiling!

  1. colon hyphen and parenthesis or the three letter L,O & L could be just symbolic representation of being smiling but there is no match for Smiling or Laughing even with Virtual friends who are as real as the real world.

    So I don't think that there is any difference in 1) and 2) both are equally important. cause virtual friends would be virtual as long as you don't meet them no matter they are as good as your real friends or more than. I too have found many real friends in the virtual world .

  2. This, I forgot mentioning, is an extended rant. 🙂

    Please do not assume too much from it.

    there actually ARE real friends in virtual world, you just need to find out…

  3. Keep smiling, always!!
    You look pretty when you smile.
    and I’d like to tell you that you’re one of those few real friends I found in the virtual world. Thanks for being there

  4. I love you, my virtual soul sister!

    You know how much I owe to virtual internet! Loves found and loves lost..Friends found, friends kept and friendships maintained!


    Thats why we have the webcam…I would love to see you smile!

    I would love to see you!

    And close my eyes, I do and presto I see you!

  5. now these are the three comments i have been waiting to read. Sandeep
    s and Marj’s still remain though, i hope they peek a look and scribble something too 🙂

    Thankyou people.

    *resolves to find the cam’s lost CD*

  6. Please follow through with your resolve…Our other soul sister is missing.. *wonders if she should call Muscat police*

    *Hates the RAM for taking her frnd away*
    *Loves the RAM for giving her frnd a reason to be away from us*


    What to do?

  7. Hmmm… I can quite relate to that. And I know people who can relate to it too. Hypocrisy is not unknown to human-kind. And it comes as a relief when you have true friends… Those who know the value of a relationship, trust… Be it in the real world, or the virtual world. Period.


  8. yeah there are Real friends in the real world too…..,
    that was what i wanted to mention…
    else how wud someone be living…
    if it was not for them :grin

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