Aug 18, 08.

I am still a moth trapped in the coldness of cold. and locked securely in the pristine cages of norms, notions, ethics. Chained and cuffed to have someone, anyone, lead me, coerce me, persuade me into doing something I will loathe to do. and the moth still yearns for something impossible – freedom. and Transformation – in to a butterfly!


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  1. As I told you, You captured my feelings. Scary.

    Bonded. Stuck. Chained. I want to fly. To soar. To change. To be not here. To be somewhere else. Somewhere where my heart is. My soul is. To be one with my heart and soul.

    Feel like some1 has trapped my soul in a bottle and threw it into the sea. I want to find it again.

  2. hmmm!!! Make me speechless again, such a short and Brief but detailed !!

    Anyway very very belated Eid Mubarak and Happy Birthday 😀

  3. v all yearn to fly free over d wide expanse…v all wish to see d horizon!!!
    nice write up
    belated happy birthday(got 2 knw of ur bday 4m d previos comment:D)

  4. Aamir 🙂 Thankyou Yet again! and Khair Mubarak.

    CN, yes, we want to fly free – Nothing else can be as alluring as freedom and flying is 🙂 and thankyou for the wish.

    Tshhar – *smiles* !

  5. o moth…o moth…am here to rescue u…dont remain trapped…awesome write up…short, crisp n hits u hard…nice to b back on ur blog after long….am facin a lil probs wid my net dear…will b back soon in ur midst…missin u…

  6. oh oh ohoh !!!

    Guess who commented 🙂

    I’m glad you did sandeep. Hope to see you active, kicking, jumping, yelling and comicing (if this is a word) again and soon 🙂

  7. Hey long time…

    Belated Eid Mubarak 😛

    I wonder if I showed it to you…

    Chaand jise hum kehte hain.
    Raat ki mehfil ka noor hai chupa hua,
    Chaand jise hum kehte hain.
    Palkein bichaye har kisi ko interzaar hai,
    Chaand jise hum kehte hain.
    Isteqbaal hai jiska,
    Chaand jise hum kehte hain.
    Jasbah hai jo sukoon ke qaasid ka,
    Chand jise hum kehte hain.
    Shirrahnuma zindagi ki poshidagi hai jo,
    Chaand jise hum kehte hain.
    Khuda ke jashn ka paigam laya hai,
    Chaand jise hum kehte hain.
    Arsaa-e-Aalam ko aitbaar hai jiska,
    Chaand kise hum kehte hain.
    Chaand toh bas shuruat hai us jashn ki,
    Eid jise hum kehte hain.



  8. umm..came upon ur blog thru a meandering chain of links.
    liked it quite a bit.
    took the liberty of adding u to my blog list.

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