The bella dame!

As September approaches near, she starts searching all the words that are even remotely related to love, joy and miracles; believing that she will find her name in their thesauruses.

 And when the night, with the three-quartered moon, peeps in her room, she dreams a prohibited dream, about her and him, about them being together, so close together that their shadows are merging into one – bittersweet, because everything is possible in dream, and only dreams.

I forbid it because I think that she has a perennial lack of romance for anyone but self, she is such a narcissist that she can love no one beyond the realm of herself, where she is the pyrrhic queen where she is the fairy-princess. And under the impression she creates an edifice of her self-love with thick concrete; no valiant warrior may intrude in. 

I guess I have thought it all wrong.

She is looking and smiling at me and the rose petals are losing their glory, its beyond all repair now, not even the smoldering rules, she lugubriously made and set to fire in the end, can nudge her back now.  She had meticulously glued every shred of her philosophies in correct places but now she wills to let go.

She is seeing the colors ahead – all the shades of red. She is engrossed in herself and playing with the tuft of her hair. God! She is dancing under the mauve sky, humming to the winds, kissing the flower and smiling in the mirror!

(sometime back in past: she chokes, retains position, shrieks, resists, fails to resist, cries and stumbles!)

(Now: ) She’s falling. Someone save her please.

30 thoughts on “The bella dame!

  1. so is that she asbah …. :p

    she is falling .some one save her please :p


    it was good and bella dame ..

    will read ur onions soon …

    very soon ,but donno how soon

    my gprs naa 😦

  2. I could somehow identify with "her" some 4 months ago..(Un)Fortunately, not any more.. This is one feeling you want to fall.. Fall hard enough to scrap your knees but not break any bones (or any majors muscles like errr..the <3)

  3. At a first glance I wonder what should I comment!! Because the first few lines are almost a rocket over my head !! gee… I am not that much good in decrypting words !!

    Well last lines implicates that she is falling because she is alone and in self love !!

    I think one of the disadvantage of being a Hyper Narcissist 😛

    Correct me if I am wrong!!

  4. lol. she’s no more a narcissist, remember? I though she is, but i was wrong. she’s curling the tuft and kissing the flowers. she’s probable left the notion of self love and went ahead found someone, and fell in love. this time with someone beyond her self-realm. 🙂

    tell me whats with the first few lines? she’s looking for the meaning of love and joy and believe that she may find her name there, in the meanings. and she’s dreaming about her and him! dreaming. Yes 🙂

  5. hehe!! then the complete write-up is a rocket over my Head!! 😀 Could not even catch smoke behind it

    well thanks for your explanation!! these are indeed strange narratives of the expression of Love

  6. haha !! Oh, why i never thought about it? I will ask my kitty, halake it was only fictional and any similarity to anyone could only be incidental.

    but I’ll ask my cat.. why knows !!

  7. Strange maybe!! Cause I cannot catch it!! So I Can’t even Comment on Good or Bad!! But its an Expression of love and Above all Written by you then It must be Good 😀

  8. the last line made me feel very very very similar to you…i dont know why..the whole piece was so similar…
    As i read along…i didn’t feel for a second that i was reading Di’s blog..I felt I was reading a page from my diary

    Loved it..

  9. thank you for visiting my blog(mera angle) . I create my imagination, i take a blank white sheet on any photo creating s/w and then i paint my imagination and the imagination comes from what is currently going into my life.


  10. hmmm!!!
    so the narcissism can be surmounted…
    who knows when and how a few lexis bearing concern and optimism change the entire philosophy of life.
    it so happens in every being’s life but the time is indefinite!
    wel written .a.!

  11. Nice of you to drop by… And yeah, the prelude? It links to another poem I indited…

    And yeah, obiter dicta… 🙂 Dunno, may be I have a soft-corner for Latin? Don’t be surprised if I use AMDG too often… 😉


  12. True Gunj, I will second you… but sometime, just sometime you need to love beyond the releam of self, No?

    narcissist are doomed not to do so 😦

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