Main wo Lerki houn,

jisay koi pehli hi raat

Ghounghat utha ke ye kehday

Mayra sab kuch tumhara hay

aik dil ke siwa!!

(Perveen Shakir)

I can not Translate it to English, No other language can narrate the sheer notion of bereavement these four lines so perfectly depicts. This is I. I’ve all, from their’s perspective, a perfect life. From mines? there is nothing and noone’s perfect.

14 thoughts on “Aphorism.

  1. Hamaray Ghar ki dewaroon pay Nasir,
    Udasi baal kholay soo rahi hai.

    Brilliant expression that of Urdu language and that of your posts. I think I am becoming a fan. πŸ™‚

    Allah karay Zoor-e-Kalam aur bhi zyada.


  2. I am that girl,
    Who was addressed, on the wedding’s first night
    When the veil was removed,
    With these words:
    Dear, all that is mine is yours,
    Except my heart πŸ™‚

    Translated for people who cannot u\s urdu.. hope you don’t mind!

    So poignant this is.. I wish I could translate better !

  3. few words….so powerful!!
    n sadly so true in many cases….a constant fear with which many live…. n i m one of them!!

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