July 23, 08

Introduction:I worry alot about explaining something so trivial as Myself.Its not late when I realized that I am nothing else but a mere creation. I was created with mud and water. How can I take pride in my being? How can I Boast of the fact “I”? How can I accentuate “myself”, when I am just another creation. This is the only introduction I have to live my pride.
The fact That My creator is Allah is my whole self-esteem.The fact that I am His creation is my Joy uncomparable.
I’m a sinner beyond comprehensions. But [i] ‘Undoubdtely My Lord (Allah) is kind and Loves His creation. (Al-Hood 90) [/i] Allah Loved me. WHy not I cherish this fact?
And I am listened. ‘there is never a time I am not listened when I called you (Allah)’ (Al-maryam 4) why not I live this Faith?
Please Allah, Grant me success in this world and the world hereafter and save me from the ire of fire! amen.
Allah, forgive all the wrongs that I have done, cleanse me with the sins that I have, and May my end be with the pious people. Amen. (Al-Imran 193)
I’m a follower of someone who is the Most perfect person on the face of this world. This is my self-pride. This is my self-respect. This is my love. This is my inspiration.and I long to become someone My Prophet Muhammad PBUH said to be: ‘We’re the followers, We’re the people who ask for forgivness (of their sins from Allah), we’re the worshippers and we Praise our Allah’.

About Me I’m a girl, if that’s an explanation. I really am. one who breaths, touches, tastes, smiles, gets hurt – and gets hurt most of the time.Writing is my first and foremost love, I can write pages about who I am and Why I am the way I am! But then, what difference can this make?
I’m back to the constricted womb from where I once belonged. From where I cringed and crinkled and wriggle out crying, to a world where men hold sea-secrets in their eyes, where love means physical torture and everyone has their own definition of beauty of which no one is willing to let go or reconsider. where sadly the sun rises and sets and the moon changes its shapes. Where, for few people, rejection is the repeated criterion of living, as a girl, as a person, as a student and as a human-being. I hope/pray my Allah dont reject me as a Creation. Amen
I’m extraordinary, enmeshed in this ordinary world! If I could live life my way, I would’ve grabbed my paints and run away, I’d have added a lot of cool blues and turquoise to my canvas of life and I’d have painted you Red.

3 thoughts on “July 23, 08

  1. saw your webpage..
    abhi to srf poetry section dekha
    har shaks apne matlab ki cheez phele dekhta he, cant help that..!
    baqi bhi dekhne ka irada he but kia he k khata aapka bara he,:grin
    sab kuch hi kar dala….!
    hope to give ma comments soon

    poems were good…!

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