We’re shifting, and in the process of packing I have found myriad of small useless colorful things which were perfectly hidden in the obscurity of my room. Old broken things that are mostly of no use, that deserve to be thrown away or given off. I would do neither. The narcissist me would cajole me to keep them only because they’re mine. The logistic me would give off wild persuading logics to put them in my prospect cupboard. The creative me would tempt me about the beautiful color they possess and how they would decor my room. The possessive me would take over and I would want to keep them no matter what.

I don’t like the notion of people collecting so many thing, and I don’t even like the idea of me doing the same. It make me something of a materialistic person, A lover of things – breathless, worthless, emotionless cold things, which don’t feel and cant love you back.

Also, Materialistic people are mean, they possess things and only things can bewitch them, fascinate them and ensnare them. I guess they don’t even have the capacity and desire to love people.

I will give off all, I think. I don’t want to be materialistic and I wonder if loving cold, bleak, emotionless, worthless but breathing people, who don’t feel and cant love you back, will ever make me one?

July 17, 2008.

19 thoughts on “Materialism.

  1. its wonderful how you transformed a small and intrinsically cute event into sumtng so profound worthy of a careful thought..
    i kno.. in a sense we all are materialistic then..
    but if u talk about the love for those old broken lil thngs u found in the nooks and corners of ur room, i thnk there must me some fond memories associated wid atleast some of them… and they should occupy a special place in ur new living space!

  2. “I wonder if loving cold, bleak, emotionless, worthless but breathing people, who don’t feel and cant love you back, will ever make me one?”

    this one was too cool…when u started off, i never expected things would take a serious turn…hats off! have becum a fan of ur style of writing yaar…too good…found out a common bone we share..we both started bloggin in the same month…may’08…but i m 2 posts up…he he…cheers!

  3. it ws so captivating…and itz really true…sometimes we neglect some precious things around us, which are worth o be taken in context.
    i must sa a very creative and gud thought ashba…keep writing..:)

  4. abt old things…its not materialism, its just abt cherishing things which were once dear 2 u..yes u may hv gotten over them but memories linger!!!

    abt loving cold ppl…well its not materialism either…firstly coz they arent materials n our loving them is not giving us some gain!!!

  5. Thankyou all,
    CN, I was sarcastic when I said that, if you have read Monster (scroll down) I said, I’m becoming a monster because I am bitting my nails and flesh with nails. sometimes, when you write, you exaggerate things, If people who love things are materialistic, and I love certain things, does the definition serves? and the people who are so similar to things (in being non-responsive) do loving them makes me a materialistic too? the answer is Ofcourse No.

    few things are better left unsaid. Thankyou anyway!

  6. All the art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on.
    — Havelock Ellis

    All of us are materialistic, I suppose. What sets the emotionless apart from the ’emotion-discerning’ is this: what do you cherish, and for what reasons.

    This is my first visit to your blog, and I find that you write well. Will surely come back.


  7. i hate materialistic pleasures too…people just wanna make money and own thousands and thousands of useless things..
    Loved it Di..
    A refreshing read..
    Thumbs Up for you

  8. that was an eye opener!! great thought.. i must say my desk is cluttered with stuff datin back to my school days.. bit and pieces of many a memorable day 🙂

  9. Asbah …i find it easier to hold onto things than people. Now i’m wondering if I’m cold and materialistic, or just very, very wary and easily hurt.

  10. that was beautiful .a. i loved it. and its so nice to know that everyone in this world are not materialistic. that there ARE people like you. keep writing 🙂

  11. Well You had some Creative Ideas for those useless colorful thingys!! I don’t think its Materialistic when you can be Creative!!But the Good thing is you finally made a Decision!! Confusion Given up with no regrets!!But your Last paragraph is something which is to be given a thought!! hmmm….I am thinking!!

  12. Furi, I loveed it. What you cherish and for what reason 🙂

    shane, Alisha, Arun, thankyou.

    Weird, true, how true! holding things are far easier!

    fear, Ferrin, Thankyou.

    Aamir, tell me what you concluded!

  13. Well I concluded that Humans are also no better than Material Beings if they are cold bleak and emotionless!! Its Plain and Simple!!

    Tell me If I am correct or Not!! 🙂

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