Excursion to middle of Hills, Daman-e-Koh!

Somebody in the mist tucks a tooth in the lower lip. Apprehensive, somebody in the mist listen to the far off sounds of strange instruments, smells the unknown, wild – but enchanting fragrance and remember strange sounding names – that tug the blurry memories of childhood. Somebody totally lost in one of those iridescent day-dream that appears to be so real and physical. This somebody, none other than me, blankly listens to the engine of the pacing car, try to swallow the feeling and feel its taste, how does the tongue respond to it? breathes the chilly air, that can give goose-bumps, beholds the magic that this air can do to each cell of her body – rejuvenates !!

Some days and some times in life are memorable, you cant enjoy less, specially when you’re on an excursion with your favorite people on earth, everything is beautiful, every color is lovely even word is enchanting and every thing has joy painted on their faces – shapes, sounds and memories. The times and the places are so beautiful .. your family makes it so complete. you sit there in the silence listening and feeling the best conversation you could ever have. you feel listened! you feel compensated.

I awfully missed my brothers, Aatir and Aaqib. I awfully wished if they were with me to jump and yell and scream, Their specific! together we could have make it an adventure! running in the hills with wild butterflies… plucking flowers and grabbing the fruits !! I cried a silent tear to, but wouldn’t let my joy fade. I was still my mom, dad and my paternal Grandma and aunts!

The sun, faceless !! The wind.. playing, singing… unheard tunes!! the mist adding to the glamor and beauty… and a slight drizzle, raining in the sun… and you are heading to an unknown destination – a shepherd, a gypsy! the verdant heaths and black mountains! and you’re zigzagging in between them up and above and away! I didn’t know what exactly was more attractive. everything has tints, colors – which can lure me!

Little things in life are such ecstasy.. and then.. you have no words to thank your creator… you dart pass you cry your tears of mirth, with each passing day my relation with my Creator is strengthening. I’m solaced like I never was, feeling him so near.. watching over me!! I Feel his mercy! His answers to my prayers.. everything is so perfect I hope it remains. I again want to feel the mirth penetrates me blood… Allah listen – please !! I ask you only, for you are my everything.

I have found you in all of my loved, in the scattered beauty.. be with me, like you ever did. I need my miracle again Allah.. I always ask you for these.. please bestow !! DO Not Put Me To Test, I may not prove myself worthy enough, I am no good.

There is always alot to thank you ALlah mian… I pray that it may always remain.. ameen!


Picture 1,2,3: Going up.
4: Reached
5: The cabs
6: Beautiful sunset!

The panwala! Look at the colors? He was wearing a traditional dress and a Topi, with Kouti and adorned with wreaths. He would add flaour to Pan by spreading various stuff he’d put in his wooden-Chest (can you figure out?)

He also had loads of lovely dolls on his stall, traditionally dressed!

the taste of the pan was incredible and the entertainment he’d provide wow! there was a person who was playing a weird instrument and such melodious tune, I loved it.

1: Islamabad!!
2: Faisal Masjid’s view from Daman-e-koh!
3,4: way back home..

12 thoughts on “Excursion to middle of Hills, Daman-e-Koh!

  1. Nice excursion & a realistic description,mingled with personal attachments! Beautiful pics too! Writer’s delight is reader’s delight too![:)]

  2. Well You must had a Great Vacation !! Or a Tour!!
    Yes Thank the Creator for all that he Bestowed us with!!

    Nice Read!!

  3. ur words give a vivid description of ur journey…v well written piece.
    n yes…v can only marvel @ ALLAH’s creation!!!
    for ur wish…summa aameen

  4. Wow!!! amazing…vivid descriptions supported by astounding narration made up for a beautiful article titled ‘Excursion…….’.. keep writing and never lose ur originality..

    Do read my blog wen u find time.. Happy blogging

  5. i thought that i could write good travelogues. After reading yours, i realized how far i still have to go…

    ur wazy of expression and writing mesmerize me.. u write from ur soul. Without going into explicit subjective details about what u visited, u could make a clear picture of ur journey for the readers, just relying on ur afterthoughts and reflections about wat u saw..

  6. Sweet Asbah, i have your blog updated in Microsoft Outlook via RSS feeds, so i never miss out on a single blog.

    I loved it. It made me want to go to Daman-e-Koh. I should visit Islamabad soon.

    and you better write a book. I want to see your work published.

  7. wowie!!! wat a travelogue…Dumb guys like me must learn the art of narration from a person like u!! Really colorful, and absolutely mingd boggling…u were actually able to transfer me literally from my laptop to ur country and its city outskirts!! I’ll b checking ur blog regularly..


  8. it almost took me to that marveling bit of paradise called ‘islamabad’…another nice read from u sweets:)

    and Allah never overburdens you beyond your strength..alhumdolillah and inshah’Allah He’ll listen to your prayers..amen:)

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