Eid Mubarak!

r, lie, a lot

An Eid, two weddings and flying back to cayman in next 10 or so days and of course, two tiny tots to attend to, well, most of the times, means I am jam packed.

I always believed that two “C’s” Cooking & Crafting – are the best way to celebrate anything. But all the precious time before Eid was spent in shopping and Visiting friends & family. I should have planned better! so this Eid I would like to present an awesome & easy Eid Bunting made by an Incredibly creative person who fortunately happen to live with me, my sister-in-law Hafsa (aka honey).

I had made a simple card-stock chain using a stapler for August 14, here:IMG_5081

She thought of a perfect re-purposing of the same, by adding paper sheep to it.


She used card stock to cut and pasted sheep and then attaching them with the paper to the paper chain. she used pencil waste to made flowers – awesome no? here are the closeups:


Interesting enough, after she had decorated her room, we ended up getting exactly 4 sheep for Eid this time, instead of goats. (can you count the sheep on the bunting?) hehe! what an interesting coincident.


Any ways – Eid Mubarak everyone 🙂 and last but not least: 

  1. wear new dress and recite this dua:essential-duas-in-the-life-of-a-muslim-20-728.jpg

  2. See other wearing new dresses recite this dua:


  3. and remember the song of this Eid is – The Takbeerat.


Enjoy :))


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