How to teach Preschoolers to use Bathrooms on Their Own

Guest post by Arron Hiddleston

Teaching a Preschoolers to use Bathrooms on Their Own

If anyone ever told you that raising children was easy, they probably weren’t speaking from experience. Parents love their children more than anything in the world, as they are the essence of our reality and a part of our very soul. But children can cause us plenty of stress as well, can’t they? All of those visits to the doctor, taking their shots, moaning and sobbing over every little thing, it’s what the kids so after all. The only thing we can do is to keep them occupied most of the times. We can do some Letter crafts to teach them as well as provide them some activities as well. 

But in all the mayhem of raising kids, there is one lifelong lesson parents must pass on to their children – the importance of cleanliness. As Allah SWT says:

“For Allah loves those who Turn to Him constantly and He loves those who keep themselves pure and clean”

Qur’an 2:222

Even if the Holy Qur’an did not portray the love of Allah towards those who adhere to self-cleaning rituals on a regular basis, the importance of personal hygiene would still prevail, as your child can ward off many illnesses by nurturing self-cleanliness.

Here are the best ways to teach your preschooler how to use the bathroom on their own.

1) Proper toilet training


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  • Teaching to take off their pants: 

Firstly, your child needs to understand how to manipulate and easily take off their pants and underwear. While you will help them with this complicated task, try to gradually let them do it on their own, and encourage faster motor learning by giving them short precise instructions.

  • Familiarizing the child with toilets

It is important that you familiarize your child with Toilets, where it is, and where it is not acceptable for them to go. Your kid will feel more open to the idea of releasing where they should go if you gradually start leaving the potty in the bathroom, away from their play area.

Shortly, they will be able to transition to the toilet seat.

  • Providing Aid:

Before you let them onto the toilet, be sure to provide a stepping stool for easy access to the sink. Teach them how they can flush after they are done using the potty. If you haven’t already, now is a good time to get a toddler toilet seat cover to avoid any accidents.


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  • Potty Training your child

Next, you want to potty train them. Depending on their age, you might have already moved on to the toilet, but if your child is still too young, the use of the Training-potty will be essential. Children tend to feel shy and usually can’t do their business when you want them to, its best that you alleviate any pressure off the situation with patience & encouragement.

Be sure to refrain from scolding them if they can’t go, or if they make a mess in their pants afterwards – it’s all about familiar territory.

Instilling the values of hygiene

The second and equally important piece of the bathroom puzzle is making sure your child adheres to the importance of hygiene. Too often do children forget to wash their hands and bums, which leads to dirty and smelly clothes, but more importantly, it can lead to infections and spread disease.


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This is where the use of bidets becomes essential. A bidet makes for the perfect solution in maintaining cleanliness, and due to its size and height, the bidet is the best way your kid can easily and safely clean any part of their body until they are ready to transition to the bathtub or the washbasin. However, be sure to install the right bidet toilet seats in order to avoid accidents and to make the process easier for them.

Finally, you want to teach your child to wash up after their every bathroom adventure, use the soap, and scrub their fingers thoroughly. Make sure that they followed your instructions by checking their hands, and also take a peek in the bathroom after they’re is done – if they left a mess behind, be sure to portray the importance of cleaning up after themselves patiently.

Proper hygiene and bathroom training are essential in the early stages of child development, as these habits will greatly define their future and shape them as thriving, prosperous adults. Follow these simple tips and you will have no problems imparting right vales to your child’s mind and soul, paving the road to a lifetime of happiness, one flush at a time.

Arron Hiddleston is an interior design blogger with three years of experience covering home improvement and garden renovation. He is a self-employed interior designer and travel lover.


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