Empty stomachs and full souls – Guest post by Aamna Soomro


We rest, we rise, we pray

For God to take these sins away

We feel no thirst, nor hunger

For our souls are full of something better

Than mere food or water

This is the month of Fasting

This is the month that’s passing

Us by

It shall be gone in the blink of an eye

No time to sit

No time to lay

Except to do so while praising His name

We seize the day

We seize the night

We see the way to Paradise

This is the month of change

This is the month that won’t remain

Much longer

Just enough time to grow stronger

In our religion

In our Faith

So much to do and even more to gain

Our heads are bowed

Our hands held high

Never are we to proud to cry

He’s given us a chance

He’s opened the gates

It’s all up to us

Step forward

Don’t wait.


Amna Soomro is a 22 year old poetess from Dallas who has been writing poetry since she was in grade 9th. She has shared her poems in a few events and fund raisers as well.


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