Focus. Guest post by Beenish Khan

You must be reading and listening to plan and prepare for the beautiful month of RAMADAN. About how to: Declutter , Zikr Azkar, Charity, Daura Qur’an, Donations, Shopping etc.

I will not touch the similar topic which has already been taught and explained quiet well by many knowledgeable individuals and scholars.

I will share just few ideas and insights which I feel, if we implement and practice with consistency can renew and refresh our inner selves In Sha Allah.



Yes! Focusing on self may sound little selfish, but trust me it’s not.

Until we keep a strict check on our own selves, we won’t be able to fulfill our duties towards Allah SWT and our dear ones.

This Ramadan lets dive deep into our own beings and find out our TRUE and REAL self.

  • Let’s talk to Allah SWT,
  • Let’s get close to HIM,
  • Let’s love HIM alone with all the energy and passion we possess.
  • Let’s follow ONE WAY and that is HIS WAY.
  • Let’s beg HIM for the purest heart, for the right path ( Sira’at e Mustaqeem).
  • Let’s cry and beg for JANNAH.
  • Let’s set Jannah oriented Goals and Visions.  Not less than that!



Raising Standards:

YES, we need to Raise our Standards.

  • Standards which can get us close to HIM.
  • Standards which can take us to JANNAH.
  • Standards which can bring PEACE to our hearts.
  • Standards which can make us eligible to meet and see ALLAH’S FACE  (وجه الله ) In Sha Allah.

Though we shall be reciting Qura’an and listening Tafseer, Let’s make sure to PONDER and PRACTICE one Ayah every day.

Yes, just ONE Ayah each day.

It can make a big difference. By the end of the month we would be practicing 30 commands of Allah SWT. And it will surely bring us a GREAT CHANGE inside out.

Focus on health:

Focusing on Self also includes, focusing on our HEALTH. This body which we abuse most, by eating all the crap and Junk consciously or unconsciously. Diet plays a main role in affecting our overall character and personality. Our thoughts, our behaviors, our actions.

Let’s take good care of our body this Ramadan.

Let’s focus on Taiyyab and Pakeeza (طیب اور پاکیزہ) while selecting anything to eat or drink. In Sha Allah.

Let’s strive and practice to FREE ourselves from slavery of FOOD this Ramadan. In Sha Allah


Focus on ‘I’

FOCUS on I with Strong Will, Courage and Determination . And you’ll notice that people around you; your kids, your spouse and others will start following you knowingly or unknowingly.

And you’ll get the multiplied (اجر) reward for influencing them to follow the right direction. In Sha Allah

May Allah SWT accept from us and grant us tofeeq to become an Empowered and Influential MUSLIM UMMAH. May WE become the ROLE MODELS for others to follow. AAMEEN

All the BEST !

Beenish Khan is an ambitious educator with a teaching experience of more than 12 years. She is currently teaching “Montessori Method of Education” to mothers and teachers to help them understand a child’s Emotional, Psychological, Physical and Social needs.

She also conducts Counseling/consultancy sessions related to Self-Development and Positive Parenting Skills. and can be contacted via her page Absorbent Minds


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