Rain Rain please stay!

Originally posted at Muslimah Bloggers.

After a long spell of drought, last week clouds finally gathered and the rain washed up the Cayman Islands. The sight of gray clouds was sheer joy and clanks of pitter-patter were like music to the ears.

The whole ambiance was purified and rejuvenated by the water. The dirt vanished from the air, small puddles appeared, the grass lit up to the brightest hue of green, the breeze became fresh and fragrant, the water from the nearby pool over-flew, the chicken sought refuge beneath the palm trees which were swaying in delight and the lake – in front of our apartment- turned milky-white because of the rain.


Last year the island received its record lowest rainfall in 60 years times, so this change in climate was happily welcomed by most of the people. Like Quran rightly says:

And it is He who sends down rain after [men] have lost all hope, and unfolds His grace [thereby] for He alone is [their] protector, the One to whom all praise is due. (42:28)

My toddlers quickly figured out it was raining.  They were super excited by so much water and wanted me to help them don their swimming attires as quickly as possible – lest it stopped raining.  They were thrilled at being able to jump out beneath the pouring skies, laughing, running and soaking up in the rain.

I gladly obliged.

Like my kids, I have always enjoyed rains myself. The water droplets falling from the skies have always been one of my favorite phenomena. I love to celebrate and rejoice downpour by engaging myself in any creative pursuit. Cooking or crafting or writing just in the honor of rain. And if…….

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