Oh you, the victorious, the successful, the fortunate,
Pay heed to what I have to say
Pride, you’re so right to feel, yet, remember, the
Only difference between us,
Rests in the opportunity,
That you considered and availed, while when,
Up above, someone, directed it to me, and when it
‘nocked at my door,
I kept lamenting my grieves, I over looked.
The one chance that came and gone
Yonder, somewhere.

5 thoughts on “Opportunity.

  1. mostly the difference between success n failure is tht one opportunity…those who take it make a success of life, those who dun are deemed failure!!!
    It’s said we all get a chance in life…u just have 2 b clever enough to take it or maybe lucky enough to see that chance!!!
    beautifully expressed Asbah…wow:)
    whts acrostic poetry btw???

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