The trees have denuded themselves of the leaves,  the stream is singing the same songs it has always sung, chilly breeze still blow and it is full moon tonight. 
but it no longer kindle fire in hearts!
Everything is the same, and it should remind me of you, but surprisingly nothing does.
I have forgiven you, but that doesnt mean I have stopped loathing.
I have realized that recalling past only brings pain.
And resolved that I will never do that again.
I, no longer weave memories.
I dont remember you.
I dont remember anyone.

10 thoughts on “Memories.

  1. I agree with this one, completely.
    I don’t remember anyone from my past who brought pain..

    Amazing..and now I’m tired of using this word for your writings now, Di.


  2. why It is always that we want to forget the painful memories but cherish the most beautiful one!! and the Irony is that sometimes these most beautiful memories become loathsome and painful….

    Nice write-up !! specially the Autumn in first pera I always wanted to know how can someone describe a season such as Autumn in words. now I am waiting for winter, summer and Spring !! 😀

  3. Yeah you r right..Sumtyms its better to frget the memories wich just give you pain nothing else..

    But then it always leaves u wid a lesson wich u shud understnd and learn frm…

    Nicely writteN..:)

  4. honey, aww! i have a couple of worst write ups too, check them 😛

    Aamir, on the way.. descriptions i mean!
    Thankyou.. my post is about all memories, good aur bad, they’re equally painful!

  5. SIGH!!!

    Need i say more?? You know my thoughts when I read this…You precisely know that this very well be a response to my post!

    My soul mate…My soul sister..You have once again touched my soul


  6. Good… don’t feel sad over someone who wasn’t worth it.

    It’s very hard to forget…. but I guess if you loath them, it gets kinda easier…

  7. Thankyou people.

    Warmsunshine, of course this is half fiction. No matter how i long for it, I will never be able to loathe her 🙂

  8. I wish I could forget the past… But I can’t. I won’t. And I don’t quite mind it. A constant reminder helps me… Call me a masochist. I don’t care… At least, it helps me not to make the same mistake twice.

    Multum, in parvo.


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