10 thoughts on “Acknowledging.

  1. awww…that was so sweet…and so deep..
    Di finally you’re back!!
    *jumps off the chair*

    and yay..am the first one to comment…

  2. Why restricting it to a woman only ??
    I think man also think the same way!! I mean I know it !! And you know it why!! Because I am a Man!! 😀

  3. hehe…visiting your blog after ages it seems..

    may i have the honour of adding to that…

    “What keeps a woman talking?”
    Ans – Nothing really, it comes naturally 😛

    btw…you’ve got to change your template gal..it takes ages for the page to load 😦

    wonder if you’ve read my last 2 posts, short stories to be specific.

    And oh, btw, trying to revive Bloggeratti. 458 members so far, so I’m hoping its a good sign 🙂


  4. shruti: Thankyou, yes I am back 🙂

    Amir: what motivates man? challenges 🙂

    Criss: Lol.. i lack my funny nerve in me it seems. and no i havent read, i have been so out of internet that i just couldnt read much 🙂 but i promise to read shortly!

    Ty rash, ThankYou 🙂

  5. Hi Asbah

    Stephen told me about you. Hope you know me as he told me he mentioned me to you…

    This was so true dear… I’m blogrolling you… I want to have a paki girl around with me 🙂

    Hope you don’t mind 🙂

    happy blogging!

  6. Oh WarmSunshine, now thats a pleasure already; having you to consider me 🙂 whats in the minding business han?

    thankyou anyway 🙂

  7. see finally mehreen gets a glance of asbah ,the genuis ..and our very own islex..

    islex i guess i told my views abt this post to ya on gtalk

    and that was write….acknowledgment keeps her going 🙂 and leads to better performance…its natural naa …..

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