I to Myself.

I’m a useless, hopeless, meaningless, purposeless someone who lives in emptiness of this world, in the void of people, the hollowness of life.

I am a ten year old who profusely refused to grow up and gather kaleidoscope of her immaturities, illogic-ness, rebuttals and the broken invisibles bones and knuckles in her lap, flaunts it and is persuaded to love it.

I’m a frog-less princess.

I’m a hen hatching eggs believing they’ll burst into gems.

I’m unfathomable mystery of life, an unsolve-able riddle of self.

I’m no vindication of my being.i’m chaotic misconceptions.

I’m a jukebox of blocks of squares and corcles and myraids of shapes and sizes.

I’m colors, red, yellow, green, blue and blue and blue.

I’m black.

I’m a thaw to your world.

I’m fubared.

I’m a gross silhoutted silence.

I’m a cricket’s crackle, moth of lonliness.

I’m headache, nausea, Insomnia.

I’m letters that form no word.

I’m scattered words of dismay and desire.

I’m incoherent sentences of meaning-less paragraphs.

I’m random paragraphs that fill in the book of life. Sadly, monotonously, gruesomely.

I’m treading in poignant time, trapped in centuries of disgust and crunched in the ironic walls of dismay.

I curl to my fetal position and the world is back to ominous black.

I’m nonchalance that repudiated melting.

I’m broken morsels of myself.

I’m caught up in acute minute of breathing.

I’m a nightmare of dreamer’s dream.I’m a joyless joy.

I’m the little person cocooned in my littleness.

I am the i.

9 thoughts on “I to Myself.

  1. hmm!! Nice to meet you!!

    I always thought Narcissists are Proudy but they never show there Pride to the world!! Well in that case you are an Exception or is it just a Pretense for the rest of the world!!?? To be a Narcissist!!

  2. proud because they love the way they are, who they are, why they are and what they are!

    One of my reasons for Loving Allah aalso includes the fact that Allah made me, Me 🙂

  3. hmmm!! Nice thoughts!! Being Proud is Good as Long as You are not Arrogant. Like being a Proud Muslim etc. And I know you are not Arrogant thats almost deducible from your Writings!!

    Cheers!! Keep writing your Good Stuff!! I am your Fan already!!

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