When all the sadist people are punching plastic keys in the cyber world chasm, I sit beneath the black and smile to myself. I have moon with me and the stars in the belly of the night sky, me and My friends!
and when the lonely people gather around to celebrate Saturday nights in the nebulous virtual world.. I jump and shriek with my favorite cousin, playing our silly game of running around each other and clapping simultaneously. Too rejuvenating a game that I feel young and blithesome, even though I should feel older, maturer and stern But it felt juvenile. The extrovert me rips off the neurotism and lingers. The socialistic me paint the cheeky grins, and I miss my loneliness.

May be getting over the morbidity means surrealism.
Maybe sometime, surrendering is good!

11 thoughts on “Loneliness.

  1. Hmm!! You are Correct Lonely People Spend their Saturday Night Hitting Plastic Keys Like I am 😀 LOL!!

    Well Why you missed That sadist loneliness If it is Sadist atall

    Just asking a Question!!

    Its Not Saturday Night yet!! 😛

  2. Your blog is gr8.
    Plz do keep writing.
    And do visit my blogs too.
    Specifically edison square, which is intended at humour.
    You might like my poetic blog, called silent recollections too.

  3. well its true..sometimes we should let go of our loneliness…nd besides, star gazing is absolutely thrilling…its good u r missing ur loneliness
    loved it!!

  4. Aamir, I am a sadist person! socializing never suits me.

    riversoul, i sure will.

    ste, shane, sundeep, Thankyou.

    Ps. it was written some saturdays ago [:p]!

  5. Well, i know what it means. a few weeks back i was all alone at home on a weekend, with all my roommates gone for one of our friend’s wedding, for which i couldn’t make it, thanks to some critical task popping up at the eleventh hour in office.

    It was like hell. no matter you have tv, internet or whatever to kill time, nothing can match the quality of time you get to spend with your close friends.

  6. loneliness kills n trills 🙂
    i prefer being alone atleast 2 hours a day, i enjoy it.. cos i get to do wat i wan, how i wan: no judgements, no pressure: just me..

    keep it up!

  7. Hi! Your post is lovely.It reminds me of myself!
    But i don’t believe it’s loneliness.you do something that gives you the energy that you need to carry on…
    It’s better than a saturday night Party anytime….
    Tell me…is a person who loves to write and share comments and ideas a loner and not a socialite?

  8. i think u mean ‘solitude’ not loneliness… its nice to be by yourself sometimes,even necessary…but ‘lonely’ is when you don’t chose be alone but have to be, for whatever reasons…
    n yeah..i miss solitude sometimes too..when i want nobody else for company but me …
    but no…u don’t miss your loneliness… thats like missing an itch!

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