Just got TAGGED

So here it goes:

I am : an artist. a writer. an accountant. a girl. (now dont get me started on this one!)

I think: thats why i am single.

I know: that i know nothing.

I want: the answers of all my wayward question!!!! and of course thick hair on scalp.

I have : a perfect life from their’s angle. from mines? there is nothing as perfect, we humans are very thankless..

I Wish : if i were a little better, spiritually, religiously, metamorphically!! Alhamdolilah.

I hate : nothing and noone, you cant change/improve anything by merely hating. its about Loathing.

I miss : year 2006.

I fear : my deeds and the monster in me.

I feel : hence i live/write/love.

I hear : what you say and what you hide.

I crave : for a purposeful living.

I search : for myself, but in vain.

I wonder: at the bountiful surprises nature bestow upon me.

I regret: loving people who were not worthy of it.

I love: my peeps, my flesh/blood/bones, family of cource. and everyone else. I’m someone who is always willing to love others.

I am not: an ignorant fool, despite i look like one.

I dance : at tunes of life!

I Sing : my sad lonely song.

I cry: because i feel.

I don’t always: lament.

I fight: I never fight.

I write : because i should. because i have a pregnant mind, always bearing words.

I win : seldom.

I lose : often.

I never : listen to mom [:p] (she tells so)

I always: forgive and *sigh* forget.

I confuse : the names of people. I’m a confuzzled person, so its alright.

I Can usually be found : thinking or using lappy/net.

I need : miracles!

I am happy about: my brothers and parents!

I imagine: all of us together (that’s a sane imagination, I cant dare put my insane ones)

Last, steve, I’m sorry that’s the first time I’m tagged so no idea if I am up to the mark or what.

I tag Shugufta and Nin 🙂

15 thoughts on “Just got TAGGED

  1. I think thats y m single…

    I dont listen to my mom[well all mothers think so..];)

    MUst say asby..it was Gud…:)

  2. i really liked the answers towards the end.. awsome!!
    though i’d like you to elaborate on this one:
    “I fear : my deeds and the monster in me.”
    Bring that monster to ur blog, will ya!!!! :p

  3. heheheh!
    very nice.
    liked a lot of the answers!
    why the word verification o this page?
    i mean, you can delete shitty coments na?

    the word they’ve given me is ywmhyexy.
    atleast thats what i think it is…

  4. Aamir, lols. thankyou.

    ste, I’m writing like maniac, just dont know what to put up here 🙂 and actually i think every post needs time and acknowledgment before i post next.
    being tagged by you again, i guess i need to make anotha blog for tagging. 🙂

    pranay, you need to read my Monster (next to this post)
    mandy, mihir, Thankyou 🙂

  5. thanks for your comment..

    btw, this is amazing content on ur blog.. u seem to have a rare courage and a fantastic clarity on what goes thru your mind.. but the fact that u r an accountant jus doesnt fit in with the whole picture!! its almost an oxymoron..but i am also thinking that maybe creativity needs logic and logic needs creativity.. remove one and the other refuses to function..

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