I felt my body languishing beneath the burning water. I saw the cuticles curling and the skin around my nails was white, wrinkled and dead.
I would then savor the ecstatic bliss of tearing it off with my pointed teeth and enjoying them. It was weird, wild and wilder.
It was like eating away your own flesh, perhaps my other futile attempt to scorn my self-detest.
It had a strange gentle sensation – a corner of your lip and the fingernails.

Although no one can commit suicide biting ones own flesh but I think I, very slowly, with others perfectly oblivious of it, am becoming a monster deep within!


The dormant necrophiliac monster is looming inside of me, silently and cautiously. Whence it came from? I don’t know, but it did, and that’s it. Its like a complete chick breaking the fully hatched egg… it presses the thinner end, “click” it crack open, and slowly but inevitably the whole egg-shell is broken into pieces and the chick comes out.

My skin is all peels. The hidden monster laughs a hideous laugh when i drag myself in front of the mirror. I can hear the eruption of wild laughs in my chuckles. I witness the venomous tentacles the monster is throwing in the air… floating back and forth.

It exist in me, like the bitter scum that is an integral part of cucumber, present but not apparent, like a dark gray blob of ink on black bed-sheet – existing, but perfectly hidden from their eyes. The monster in me breaths, eats, sleeps and nourishes itself inside of me.. That so sophisticatedly rebels from the igneous orders I give it.


july 07, 2007

10 thoughts on “Monster.

  1. Thats an interesting angle you used there..I mean, I think most of us are in the habit of biting not just the nails but a lil bit of skin with it too, without realising that, that too in effect is cannibalism.

    Good work Asby, I like the way your train of thought chugs ahead!!

  2. it is there, always…Great that you become aware…
    dark and deep..yet insightful
    great writing…
    i like the intensity..
    keep on writing..
    me too have a new post…
    do visit..

  3. very well-written asbah! sucha intrinsic yet sucha depising dilemma of our society you have written it with your gallant skills truly its worth-readin…the intricate discription is well appreciated..REJECTED CREASES suits so well to it:)

  4. “Although no one can commit suicide biting ones own flesh but I think I, very slowly, with others perfectly oblivious of it, am becoming a monster deep within!”

    Quite scary.

    Where do you get all this to write from?

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