The I to them. (Rant)

“The worst thing about people who know you is, they, like doctors, always know where it hurt most!” (A. Rai)

I’m still the frog that swims in the muddy puddle and yearns for the transformation – a frog into a king! But a kissless frog, that missed it out (too silly for him to dream!!)

I’m still that stupid hen, who is sitting on the eggs believing that they; will burst into diamonds and gems!! (Silly, more silly) A nocturnal earthworm, that is pecking on the broken rotten dreams! A little kitten hidden in the curtains (oh! fright!) too reluctant to come in the lime light!!

But i grew up, and a translucent drape that concealed the real world is torn into million shreds! I can see with my too realistic eyes and no curtain of fantasy lie in between.. (Oh poor me!!) Didn’t i just relate my misconception theory with my animal mania? grr!! Sometime i just lose control :p ! (I will teach my goldfish to learn to play guitar and my parrot to grow into a rooster!)

Imagine a spec on blue on immaculate white cloth… this is how my stupidity is… too little but too vivid for any eye to be caught. I thought i have lost her, i did, just to find her back once again (gee! i love the happy endings) ‘wont let you go this time’ held her tight in my arms (too much for her claustrophobia!) and whispered in her ears! She giggled like a modest bride on her husband’s joke (eww! guess this wedding season isnt over yet!! i am too occupied with all that sniffs and sighs and tears and hyees!) misconceptions kill mol misconceptions !! si.. and i accept and repeat! I’m protected, not exactly cocooned, but sheltered and cared in a very different way.. Love you appi, and love you nin 🙂

Dec 07, 2006.

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