the lip-shaped lipstick marks,

all over the her mirror.

glossy pinks and shocking reds.

which soap couldn’t fade

& erasers wouldnt erase.

nothing could teach her

that mirrors

are no lover’s skin,

They are no blotting papers.

the narcissism relives.







dec 29, 2006

8 thoughts on “Lipstick.

  1. dis is so true.. nothing outlives sel love.. and ur poem.. brilliant!! i love the line
    “Mirrors are no lover’s skin”

  2. Interesting. Highly. Dare I say I love it? Cause its so easy to fall in love with the mirror. Really!!

  3. Ive kinda read all your posts by now, and my friend, these four lines outshines them all. This by far is your best post. Really!!


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